From Rail Cargo Austria to Raabersped

1992 The beginning

Under the then company name of RCA Euroservice Südosteuropa, between 1992 and 2004 the company was responsible for representing freight transportation provider, Rail Cargo Austria AG, a subsidiary of Austrian Railways (ÖBB), in Zagreb.

2004 New start-up

Out of the freight transportation representation activities for Rail Cargo Austria AG, in 2004 the company Raabersped d.o.o. was established as an international freight forwarding company, thus becoming part of the ÖBB group. This decision was made against a background of enormous dynamism in the markets opening up in southern and south-eastern Europe. Changed structural conditions, the liberalisation of transport markets and increasing market expectations created the demand for complex logistics solutions.


1997 Foundation

The Austrian company Schier, Otten & Co. founded Transeuropa d.o.o. with the aim of developing a complete range of freight forwarding services in Croatia. Over the course of the following years, the company grew steadily, establishing an extensive network of renowned partners and Europe-wide transport routes.

1999 Certification

Transeuropa became the first international freight forwarder in Croatia to be certified by TÜV Germany in accordance with EN ISO 9002:1994.

2002 Step into the international dimension

The company opened an overseas and air freight branch at Pleso Airport in Zagreb. Transeuropa became an IATA (International Air Transport Association) licensed cargo agent and thus the commercial representative of airlines that were already established in the Croatian market.

2005 Expansion

Transeuropa became an individual member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations). In the same year the company moved into new premises in the Žitnjak customs terminal, the newly built warehouse and office complex in Robni Terminali Zagreb. This enabled Transeuropa to expand its range of services to include bonded warehousing and domestic storage with handling activities and its own storage equipment.

Express-Interfracht Croatia

October 2010 – Together into the future

Raabersped and Transeuropa have now merged to create a new company: Express-Interfracht Croatia, međunarodno otpremništvo d.o.o. As a subsidiary of Express-Interfracht Internationale Spedition GmbH in Vienna, the company is 100 % owned by the Rail Cargo Austria AG. The new company is utilising synergies in all areas. With the combined strength of two experienced professionals, Express-Interfracht Croatia provides global logistics services in road and rail transportation, airfreight, shipping and customs and storage.

Rail Cargo Logistics - Croatia

May 2014 – Change of name

The name of Express-Interfracht Croatia d.o.o. changed to Rail Cargo Logistics - Croatia d.o.o. in the end of May.

The company is a 100% subsidiary of Rail Cargo Austria AG (ÖBB Group - Austrian Federal Railways) through its owner, Rail Cargo Logistics - Austria GmbH.