Rail Cargo Logistics - Croatia

HR-10000 Zagreb
Radnička cesta 39
Phone +385 1 4002 290
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Customs service

Quick and reliable

Our customs specialists are available to help and advise you in the execution of all import and export business with third party countries, and to deal with associated questions relating to customs clearance.

Our customs department locations

  • Freight Terminals Žitnjak - Zagreb
  • Airport Pleso - Zagreb

What we offer

  • Advice in all customs-related matters
  • Advice on foreign trade
  • Import and export customs clearance via the electronic customs system
  • The status of eligible recipients in the importation of goods through customs warehouse type A
  • Time-unlimited storage of goods in a customs warehouse type A
  • Approval of bank guarantee for the delay in settlement of debt owed to Customs
  • Providing bank guarantees in transit procedures for all types of goods and sensitive goods