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For if the worst comes to the worst …

No matter whether your goods are being transported by truck, rail, ship or plane or are in storage, without transport insurance often only part of the value of a load is reimbursed in the event of loss or damage.

In contrast, transport insurance will compensate you for the full value of the goods, and guarantees full insurance protection from door to door. With transport insurance it does not matter where the damage took place or who caused it. Loading and unloading, handling and other interfaces are all insured. Transport insurance also provides valuable protection in the event of natural disasters or accidents.

What we offer

  • Tailor-made insurance protection for all means of transport worldwide
  • Coverage of single transports or the conclusion of annual policies
  • Preparation of letter of credit-compliant insurance certificates
  • Free appointment of loss adjusters and surveyors
  • Low premiums due to high purchasing volumes

Claims management

Unfortunately, transport damage cannot always be avoided. Our experienced transport professionals will process your claim and offer advice in the event of damage or loss.