Rail Cargo Logistics - Croatia

HR-10000 Zagreb
Radnička cesta 39
Phone +385 1 4002 290
Fax +385 1 6055 211


Express-Interfracht Czech s.r.o. is going to be Rail Cargo Logistics - Czech Republic s.r.o.

Powerful, sustainable, with an international network


Since 25th of February 2014 Express-Interfracht Czech s.r.o. has been operating as Rail Cargo Logistics - Czech Republic s.r.o., member of the Rail Cargo Group.

The comprehensive industry know-how and decades of experience of our staff from more than 20 nations represent a new generation of logistics. Your satisfaction and success are our mission and our motivation for professional logistics and transport quality. Top products require excellent services. You need transportation order – we have the best solution. Put your trust in the right partner for railfreight logistics – Rail Cargo Logistics!

New mail addresses

Due to the rename, our new e-mail address is: office.rcl.cz@railcargo.com respectively the first name and the surname of your contact persons: firstname.surname@railcargo.com