Mario Fuštin

HR-10000 Zagreb
Slavonska avenija 52, CI Žitnjak
Phone +385 1 2480 067
Fax +385 1 2480 080


Groupage transports

Direct and fast

Regular, direct road groupage and charter traffic from/to the whole of Europe.

Our wide-ranging network of reliable partners throughout Europe ensures excellent service:

  • Truck groupage transports from the Netherlands/Belgium to Croatia 3 times per week and 2 weekly return journeys
  • Truck groupage transports from Austria to Croatia once a week and weekly return journey
  • Truck groupage transports twice a week from Slovenia to Croatia and weekly return journey
  • Weekly departures - truck groupage transport to Sarajevo
  • Direct groupage transports from Italy to Croatia twice a week and one weekly return journey
  • Direct groupage transports from France to Croatia twice a week
  • Direct groupage transports from Great Britain to Croatia once a week
  • Direct groupage transports from Germany to Croatia twice a week

Our services

  • We guarantee the delivery and acceptance of shipments throughout Croatia (mainland) within 24/48 hours
  • ADR-transports
  • Special transports
  • Urgent deliveries on demand
  • Special shipments on demand
  • Transport insurance