Dolores Vešligaj

Forwarding administrator
HR-10000 Zagreb
Radnička cesta 39
Phone +385 1 4002 290
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Chemicals safe by rail

Mineral oil, gas, sulphur, carbonates and other chemical and fertilizer industry products are in safe hands with us. They are transported in single wagons, groups of wagons and block trains in strict compliance with domestic and international safety regulations.
Our major customers include both refineries and traders. They are advised and supported by our experts in all transport-related matters, from the joint planning phase to the organisation of suitable equipment and the actual execution of the transport movement through to tracking and tracing and final distribution to the customer.

What we offer

  • Low-cost grouping of individual wagons into block trains
  • Excellent knowledge of the chemical industry and the prevailing conditions and regulations
  • Disposition of private tank-wagon (RTC)
  • Transportation monitoring

Naturally, in addition to rail delivery, we also offer all accompanying logistics services such as intermediate storage of drums and handling and distribution.